I am currently using GIMP 2.8 for GNU/Linux, Gimp Perl 2.0 with Pango
1.10.  I'm using a cgi to dynamically generate images through the Perl
Server and in general it works very well.  

Currently we do need to restart the GIMP instance and perl server on the
machine because in the process of creating images the GIMP keeps holding
on to more and more memory.  As an example, I can run the following

use strict;
use lib qw(/www/lib/perl);
use Gimp qw(:auto);

my $img = gimp_image_new(300, 200, 0);

my $layer = gimp_layer_new($img, 300,200,RGB, "Layer 1", 100,
gimp_image_add_layer($img, $layer, -1);

my $text_layer = gimp_text_fontname($img,-1,0,0,"111111111111", 0, 0,
14, 0, "Arial Bold");
gimp_image_merge_down($img, $text_layer, CLIP_TO_BOTTOM_LAYER);


If I add a new text layer in the script above and rerun it, I see that
the GIMP instance grabs on to more memory and holds on to it
permanently.  Deleting the image and disabling undo do not result in the
GIMP releasing memory for the new layer it created.  I would prefer not
having to restart GIMP and its perl server so I'm looking to see if
there is anything else I can do to force it to free up memory.



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