Roger Leigh wrote:

On Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 07:30:35PM -0700, Brian Thomason wrote:
Simply installing gimp 2.2.8, creating an image, of any size, and selecting "Print" from the file menu of that image reproduces this.

Roger, Brian has a rather odd problem whereby when he starts the Print
plugin on a fresh image he gets completely empty positioning boxes
(nothing filled in for any of the position/sizing boxes).  I'll send
you a screenshot under separate cover.

One thing to note, Roger, is that this is only prevalent in our packaging of gimp 2.2.8, as Debian's package, last I checked, has printing explicitly disabled for some reason. (Perhaps for the same problem, but I doubt it) I'm sure you have far more insight on this than I do, however.

gimp 2.2.8 is from Debian unstable.  If you use this, you also need
to install the "gimp-print" package, which provides the Print plug-in.

This is due to uploading Gutenprint (new Gimp-Print) to unstable,
which has been in use for just over a month.  This is a beta
release candidate, so you might not want to make the switch just
yet in Linspire.  This should be the proper release by the time
etch is released.

For Linspire, simply re-enabling the gimp copy of the Print plug-in at
configure time, and adding back the libgimpprint1-dev build dependency
should get you a working plugin again.
Thanks Roger,

We did that, and the plugin works, but the orientation/position fields are all empty upon launching it.



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