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> Hello everyone iam a student University of the south pacific(FIJI) .
> Just getting familar with the GIMP software.Now iam understaking a
> Software Engineering project that deals with improving the CMYK
> color support for the GIMP.More specifically to be able to convert
> CMYK color models to RGB into tiff formats from a scanner that is.
> My understanding there exist a A plugin providing rudimentary CMYK
> support for The GIMP.However there a still some requirements that
> need to be done to improve it further.At the moment iam writing the
> analysis and design documentation.what iam asking if someone can
> help and give advice on how i should go about doing the project.I
> have been given 9 weeks to finish this project and have searched the
> net on anything to do with the GIMP.Also getting familar with the
> source code and every technical jargon that I have come across.  I
> appreciate if someone would give a helping hand.

We might be able to give you a helping hand but we aren't able to read
your mind. So if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask them.

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