On Wednesday, August 17, 2005, 12:38:44, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Your mockup doesn't show half as many dockables as the standard user
> will want to keep around, let alone a power user. Where are those
> sidebars you are speaking of? How does this mockup deal with multiple
> images?

From what I see, they appear as buttons (tabs) in the menu bar. Personally,
I'd love such a GUI, as long as it allowed me to detach individual

>  I don't think that having only one image visible at a time is
> a reasonable solution.

Since I rarely work with more than 1 image, such a GUI would be very useful
to me. It also saves the hassle of having to manually resize the image
window to be as big as possible without covering any of the controls
(remember, Windows' support for rearranging windows is much worse than with
a good X window manager).

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