over the weekend I have done a change to the About dialog that I
wanted to do for quite a while already. By means of GtkAboutDialog, we
now have proper license and version information in the About dialog, a
clickable link to the GIMP website and also better credits. Don't be
afraid, the nice fade effects with the names of the contributors at
the bottom of the About graphics are still there.

But the dialog now also features a number of credits lists.
GtkAboutDialog accepts the following categories: authors, artists and
documenters. I have changed the format of the authors.xml file to
reflect this. Each contributor can now have multiple roles and the
lists that are passed to the About dialog are created from this
information. Every contributor listed in authors.xml with a role of
"author" will end up in the "Written by" section of the Credits,
people with the role "artist" are listed in "Artwork by",
"documenters" go into "Documented by". This all happens transparently,
so all that needs to be done now is to assign roles. So far I have
only done this exemplarily for a few names:


I am now looking for a volunteer to go over authors.xml and check what
roles apply to the people listed there. Perhaps also check that noone
important is missing (last time we did that was before the 2.2
release). No coding skills required, you don't even need to know
anything but the mere basics about XML.  Some knowledge of the GIMP
history will definitely help though...


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