As discussed previously on #gimp, the GTK maintainers are currently
looking for externally-maintained widgets that would be better if
included in the main gtk distribution.  I'm willing to propose to them
that they include certain GIMP widgets, but I'd like to send a list of
widgets to them in one go, instead of piecemeal.

The IRC discussion was pretty scattered; there were a lot of different
suggestions, and some dialog about them, but mostly handwaving.  I
should point out that suggesting that a widget be integrated into GTK
doesn't necessarily imply that they can immediately copy the file into
the GTK directory and it will work perfectly.  Even if it takes some
major surgery, if the widget is generally useful, it's worth having in
GTK, and there is certainly precedent for major changes being made to
a widget when it is integrated into GTK.

The least controversial suggestion was the GimpPropWidgets.  They will
definately go on the list.  There was some talk about the gimp enum
code being integrated into gtk and glib, including widgets that deal
with physical measurements and units, and a few other suggestions I
can't remember at this moment.

I'd like to collect a list of which Gimp widgets would be good to
include, along with why they would be useful in other programs and
what work it would take for them to be includable in GTK.  I'll
compile the suggestions I receive and send them to the appropriate

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