As promised on IRC, my suggestions for the registry. Originally sent to
the maintainer of the registry.

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Subject: Some suggestions for the plug-in registry
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 22:13:58 +0200
From: Michael Schumacher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>


I'd like to propose some additional features and changes for the registry:

1. Make it possible to indicate that a plug-in requires GIMP 2.2

Currently, everyone seems to choose "GIMP 2.0" even for plug-ins that
make use of new features of GIMP 2.2, e.g. the previews. Is it already
possible to choose GIMP 2.2. here, or is this missing?

2. Compress the recent changes list

Currently, there are multiple entries for one plug-in in this list.
However, there is no indication what exactly was changed - without this,
it would also be sufficient and IMO more useful to list the 15 most
recently changed different plug-ins.

3. Make the recent changes available as a RSS feed

This is merely and enahcement, but it would enable other sites (e.g. the
gimp community all over the world) to have a list of the recent changes
as well. This could help to make the registry more popular as well.

4. Add a way to indicate the availability of binaries for a specific

This would be a nice addition for users who can't or don't want to
compile plug-ins themselves and don't have a reliable source they can
get precompiled stuff from. This should also be present in the various
overviews (by type, by category).

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