Nathan Summers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> 2.3 is a development version with no API guarantees whatsoever. The
>> API is constantly changing and noone should be developing any
>> plug-ins for it.
> If you have such a closed Gimp Club attitude, why make developer
> releases at all?  After all, all the members of the Gimp Club have
> cvs accounts.  One of the most important reasons that we have
> preview releases is so that when 2.4 is released, third-party
> plugins are already available for it.  It's abundantly obvious that
> 2.3 is a developer edition, with all that entails, and both users
> and plugin developers are aware of the fact that things can break,
> but that doesn't mean that it's counterproductive to track
> development and to test the new features.  Would you prefer that
> serious problems in newly added plug-in apis not be discovered until
> after they are frozen?

The only reason I don't want to see a 2.3 version in a plug-in
registry is that doesn't seem to make much sense. After all any new
API could change with the next new minor 2.3 release. The version
listed in the registry would also have to include the micro version
number then.

I am deliberately ignoring the hostile attitude of your mail. We both
know very well that we don't like each other. There's no point in
continuing this in public. Feel free to flame me in private mail.

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