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> Hi,
> I am not going to respond on your mail in detail, mainly for lack of
> time. Lots of good points being made and taken. However I would like

Time is always an important issue, and a lack of it may cause
curtness.  It'd be nice if everyone always took this into
consideration, but sometimes we forget from time to time.  Reminders
are sometimes necessary, and this one was well placed.

> to state that I am not at all unwilling to mentor new developers. I

That is very reassuring, yes.

> also think that our (and that includes mine) attitude towards new
> ideas and requests for changes has become a lot better over the last
> years. You are right that we are lacking active developers but we


> gained quite a few new ones recently and I am not sure if they receive
> GIMP development as bad as you put it. Quite a few people are rather
> enthusiastic about it and I would love to have more time to help them
> get into it.

Hopefully, so would everyone else... ^_^

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