On Sat, Aug 27, 2005 at 12:52:17PM +0300, Tor Lillqvist wrote:

i just cut a lot of work you did off from this reply.  thank you for
that :)

> The following names I couldn't find in the ChangeLogs, somebody else
> could grep through the mailint list archives. My apologies if I have
> missed someone obvious whom I should know by name.
> Marc Bless

without knowing what this person did, i wonder if he could fix

> Francisco Bustamante

this gentleman is known as bit on #gimp.  i am fairly certain he
contributed something in the 1.1 version.   at any rate, the gimp news
guy (at the time) pasted something from his irc log from way back.  it
was the people who were joined on the irc at a time so far into the
bowells of the last century -- i cannot remember the date of the paste
let alone the date the paste was from.  bit was there with spencer and
that other guy.  and the news guy and maybe even one or both of the
bots.  for lack of other actual evidence, bit could easily be
grandfathered in.

> Graeme Gill

currently working with color management.  don't piss them off yet!

> Michael Hammel

graphics muse.  uses imake.  business cards and arrows.  a gimp
grandfather.  probably invented a magazine so he could write about gimp
-- who knows?

> Andrew Kieschnick

he bought the gimp news guy a beer.

> Aaron Sherman

maybe i am confused and this is the person who bought Xach a beer.

and i am sorry if you are a good friend and did a lot and i missed the
connection between the name and the irc nick or the aliased bugzilla
stuff or the fake email you use.  

i might even have just missed it and there was no faking.


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