I have an idea for the future versions of gimp: layer grouping. Ie. you could group the layers, and perform some operations on them. Ie. you could toggle visibility, reaise-lower, etc.

I usually make some cartoon like gfx for splash screen (or some other gfx) for games. usually I do this by first drawing the countour lines, then draw solid colors below it (usually a different layer for each colour, so I can change them easily later), and I also have two layers for dark and light shading.

Usually I have other objects in the text (maybe other cartoonish objects/characters, or some simple text, or a logo) which needs again more layers. Hence sometimes the number of layers goes above 20. Layer grouping could help me (and I think other people as well) a lot, because I could quickly switch to work on another character in the same image (ie. turn all other layers invisible), quickly change the order of layers, etc.

What do you think about this idea?

Btw, GIMP RULEZ! It's a great tool. I cannot compare it to photoshop, because I haven't used it, but I think I never will ;-)

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Szasz Pal
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