Pasi Savolainen wrote:

I'm trying to find a median filter for GIMP and have been having some
difficulties. From what I've gathered with google, despeckle plugin is
the one that I should look at.
I think that it should be ran in non-adaptive and non-recursive mode
with white/black points se to maximum. But when it's ran with those
settings it doesn't produce what I expect.
Here's an image:

I can't tell if it's a bug or not as I don't know exactly what despeckle
should produce.

Produced result is also different depending on whether the layer is
bottom-most or not.

check-out bug report
*Bug 72862:* Incorrect RGBA resampling in Despeckle plug-in this describes the last functional changes
and some reflections on the white and black levels.
If you give a radius of 5 the filter will workon 121 pixels and select the pixel with the
median pixel intensity (RGB).


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