Eat Frog's Legs and snails in garlic butter! Enjoy the refreshing taste of duck liver! Eat baked pig intestines (a local speciality)!

Come to Lyon for the GIMP Conference, 2006!

We're in the early stages of the planning - and now's the time to stand up & be counted.

The GIMP conference, which may become a more general Free Graphics conference, if other people like the idea, will be held in CPE, Lyon, in March or April 2006.

We have 4 possible weekends (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) available.

The first is the weekend of St. Paddy's Day (the patron saint of Guinness), and David Odin's birthday - 17/18/19 March.

The second is the weekend afterwards, when there's not much on - 24/25/26 March

The third is the birthday of Dave Neary (me!), and April Fool's Day (think of the press release possibilities!) - 31 march/1/2 April.

The last one - 7/8/9 April.

We need to decide when the conference will be on soon, to reserve space in the university, get in contact with youth hostels, figure out what's going to happen, and work up some sponsorship. Once the dates are fixed, I'll send a follow-up announcement (if there are dates that are definitely out for you, let us know now).

Everyone's welcome! Spread the word! Bring your dog! (But tie them on a leash outside) Bring your partner! (Lyon's lovely in March) We're looking forward to having you all.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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