On Monday 05 September 2005 02:20, David Neary wrote:
> Eat Frog's Legs and snails in garlic butter! Enjoy the refreshing
> taste of duck liver! Eat baked pig intestines (a local speciality)!

Discover the true meaning of the word "vomitarium"... (-:

Dad used to manage a small mine here in Australia, the full output of 
which went to France for the manufacture of antacid pills. After that 
little list, 't'ain't hard to figure out why. (-:

> The first is the weekend of St. Paddy's Day (the patron saint of
> Guinness), and David Odin's birthday - 17/18/19 March.

And here was me thinking that he was the patron saint of green-ness and 
of similarly unattractive culinary achievements. (-:

> We need to decide when the conference will be on soon, to reserve
> space in the university, get in contact with youth hostels, figure
> out what's going to happen, and work up some sponsorship. Once the
> dates are fixed, I'll send a follow-up announcement (if there are
> dates that are definitely out for you, let us know now).

It's very unlikely that I'll have the time or $$$ to do this, so I'm 
afraid I can't help you very much with your scheduling.

Cheers; Leon

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