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> >That said, if a PBM is a renamed version of a different file type that
> >can be output by GIMP, you can manually select the output file type
> >(although in that case, adding pbm as a "default extension" of that
> >file may be something that is wanted).
> >
> >I don't suppose PBM is supported in 2.3.3/CVS, is it? Or if it is,
> >does it require any special libraries?

I've written a couple of PBM/PGM/PPM import/export filters (though not
for the Gimp). The format is very simple, which I guess is why the GNU
OCR program likes it. An image looks something like (from memory,

P2 3 3 255
12 3 45
23 43 255
245 128 0

Meaning this is a one-channel, many bit ascii image, 3 x 3 pixels,
with 255 as the max value per channel. There are also binary modes
(phew), colour versions, and >8 bit versions.

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