Greetings :)

I would like to be able to take a group of "head
shots" (photo of just the face of a person) from
different people....and then "stack" or "blend" them
so that one "average face" results.

To be clear...there may be hundreds of individual face
shots that we want to "stack" or "blend" (not sure
what the right term is)...and the end result would be
one face....that would then be the "average" of all
the faces in the "stack". 

This is different than standard "morphing" in which
the final outcome is simply the last image in the
stack. Again, we want the "average face" effect....a
true "blend" of all of the individual stacked images
as our outcome.

How can we achieve this?

I understand it may be a challenge. I'm OK with that.
For now, please help me understand
the process by which the outcome can be achieved.

David Fuhrer 
"God's delays are not God's denials."

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