On Monday 12 September 2005 22:24, Carol Spears wrote:
> hello,
> we were looking at a page about the adobe building in san jose (on the
> irc) and thought it would be fun to put together a similar page about
> where everyone works on gimp.
> photos of yourself at your computer, or of airplanes going over the
> place where you work (i might use a photo of a hummingbird instead) or
> of the fancy floor leading into the place where you work on gimp, all
> will be appreciated!
> feel free to send a url to this list or the photo or url to me
> personally.

Here's my picture:


I asked my sister to take it when I was sitting at the computer.

Carol, please let me know when you have it, so I can remove it. It may require 
some adjustments.


        Shlomi Fish

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95% of the programmers consider 95% of the code they did not write, in the
bottom 5%.
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