Thanks John. This should help tremendously. Just two other questions then...

1) Is there a way to get python to work on Windows AND is it even necessary to build GIMP? 2) Where do I install/unzip the all the auto tools? Should I just unzip them to a location in MinGW and use the export command to include those directories? I'm assuming that I don't need a special Win32 build of these tools so I've just downloaded them from their respective locations. If I'm wrong about this, please let me know so I can get the right copies. Thanks.


John Cupitt wrote:
On 9/28/05, Lance Dockins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
At this point, I'd like a little help or direction about compiling GIMP
in a Win32 environment with MinGW, MSys, and ActivePerl.

It's not GIMP, but I wrote a HOWTO a couple of days ago for building
my gtk+ app under mingw:

For GIMP, don't install fftw. You'll need to install some other
libraries too, has a list. I really wouldn't
carelessly copy DLLs over from previous versions, I think you're sure
to find yourself in a very bad, mysterious place.

That should be enough to be able to build from a distribution tarball
... if you need to build from CVS, it'll be quite a bit more difficult
since you'll need to set up all the auto tools stuff as well.

I'm not a windows person so I probably made it more difficult than it
needs to be. But I did end up with a binary that seems stable.


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