On Wed, Sep 28, 2005 at 07:56:12AM -0500, Lance Dockins wrote:
> What if someone considering the possibility of contributing to GIMP read 
> that post?  They probably would think twice at that point for fear of 
> being publicly humiliated for asking a question.  Don't get me wrong, I 
> greatly respect your contributions to GIMP and I'm sure it's frustrating 
> answering all of these types of questions.  In fact, I know so.  My 
> greatest strength is customer service, sales, and otherwise dealing with 
> people so I know how difficult it can be.  Let me just put it this way.  
> The ONLY reason people are using or contributing to GIMP is because they 
> have problems.  Specifically, they have a need for an image design 
> program that's both powerful and inexpensive and GIMP meets that need.  
> I'm having COMPILE problems WITH GIMP.  There's really no difference.  
> People use software, ask questions, etc because they have problems.  How 
> you handle those problems WILL determine the success of the project - 
> particularly if you have such an influential position with the project.
do not count on the user base being only as you defined it here.

if you do not want sarcasm or even honest requests for good development
style, please post these questions on either the gimp user list or the
gimp on windows user list.

the project historically does not want the type of help you described.
only if you believe everything that you read is this not still the case.


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