Lance Dockins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I was asking more generic questions because I was looking for more
> generic answers.  I just wanted to know if missing DLL's was a normal
> scenario in Win32 environments.  Since you clearly know that it's not,
> you've jumped ahead of me to asking which DLL's were missing.  Since I
> don't know (I didn't write them all down) I'll have to tell you next
> time I compile.  Instead, I offered all the information I had.  As far
> as your "crystal ball" comment, I'd say that was a bit uncalled for.
> You could have just as easily asked for more information without being
> biting and sarcastic.  You, Sven, of all people should know that
> flipant biting sarcasm is a great way to discourage people from taking
> up GIMP or otherwise contributing to it. 

I didn't mean to be sarcastic nor did I try to humiliate anyone. Sorry
if you misunderstood my attempt to help you. Next time I will add more
sugar when replying to your mails.

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