John Cupitt writes:
 > > glib-2.8.2 glib-dev-2.8.2 gtk+-2.8.4 gtk+-dev-2.8.4 pango-1.10.0
 > > pango-dev-1.10.0 atk-1.10.1 atk-dev-1.10.1 cairo-1.0.0 cairo-dev-1.0.0

 > You pango and atk seem very old, but your glib and gtk seem too new.

No, atk 1.10.1 and Pango 1.10.0 are quite new, the latest
versions. (Actually, for performance reasons, one should make sure to
use the latest pango 1.10.0 snapshot (20050922) from the
site.) (GTK+ 2.8 won't even work with any older Pango.) They are
available from but not really "advertised" yet on the GTK+
for Win32 download page on the GIMP site.

Sigh, I had hoped that the infamous "shape.c: line 75" assertion
failure would have been a thing of the past with GTK+ 2.8 and Pango
1.10. But apparently not. Try the usual stuff, mainly try without the
ms-windows theme ("wimp"). (Edit the etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc file.) Or check
what your default font in the Display Properties is, try changing that
to for instance Arial.


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