[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-09-27 at 1336.45 -0400):
> This message is an open letter to:
> ... regarding a proposal for an improved font selection drop-down
> widget that would be ideal for use in professional-quality Open Source 
> word processing, desktop publishing, and graphic design programs
> such as OpenOffice.org, Gimp, Inkscape, and similar
> programs.  
> The proposal at http://eyegene.ophthy.med.umich.edu/unicode/fontdialog/
> addresses how these goals can be met.  Implementation of the proposed
> font selection widget at the GUI toolkit level (i.e., in GTK+ and in KDE)
> along with an XML-based configuration scheme standardized across 
> toolkits and desktops would do much to help create a more intuitive and 
> more uniform user experience on Linux and related Open Source platforms.
> I welcome the community's suggestions and criticisms --

I doubt a menu is a good idea, both from coding and user point of
view, as a huge menu is nasty for speed. Menu creation takes time or a
lot of effort to make it really fast (the coding part) and so does
navigating it, penalizes failure or experimentation and disallows
keeping it open (the user part). A window more like the MacOSX one
would be better, IMO. The preview as name, on the other hand, would be
a nice addition to the dialog.

It could even become a helper tool, like calculator ones. With a
simple method to pass back the info (a la popen(), no need of
overengineering things), as well as copy&paste and drag&drop, it would
indeed help.

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