I also noticed the missing DLL's while compiling gimp with MSYS/MinGW

In fact, what happens is that when linking with ZLIB.DLL,
the exe expects ZLIB-1.DLL instead of ZLIB1.DLL. (or vice-versa).
I copied the names that were closest to the ones expected...

   48793 Aug 24  2002 regex.dll
   48793 Aug 24  2002 libregex.dll
   70656 Dec 13  2003 zlib1.dll
   70656 Dec 13  2003 zlib-1.dll
  460800 May  9  2004 freetype6.dll
  460800 May  9  2004 freetype-6.dll
  203264 Dec  4  2004 libpng13.dll
  203264 Dec  4  2004 libpng.dll
  127488 May 15 14:08 jpeg62.dll
  127488 May 15 14:08 jpeg-62.dll

So the "missing dll's" in question are a build-environment
issue, and not a gimp-compilation issue...

So the suggestion to copy dll's from the previous stable
version wasn't that bad a suggestion either...

it would have prevented a lot of confusion if the names
of the dll's were listed  ...

of course it would be nice to have those resolved too...

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