lode leroy writes:
 > In fact, what happens is that when linking with ZLIB.DLL,
 > the exe expects ZLIB-1.DLL instead of ZLIB1.DLL. (or vice-versa).

The official zlib dll is called zlib1.dll. Any other name means it is
not official. "Official" as in directly from real maintainer of
zlib. As the actual maintainer of zlib distributes Win32 zlib
binaries, I fail to see any reason why one would want to use anybody
else's version. I have only zlib1.dll on my system.

Don't know about the other examples you list. Presumably caused by
confusion at the "gnuwin32" (not related to GNU) site. You really
should try to find a coherent set of interdependent packages. Is it so
that the GTK+ binaries I depend on differently named DLLs than what
gnuwin32 currently distribute? Argh, I just hate that kind of


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