On 10/4/05, Tor Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> lode leroy writes:
>  > The thing is that for compiling gimp from cvs, you need quite some 
> expertise
>  > in the autotools, libtool, aclocal, pkg-config etc to fix those
>  > not-100%-working-together- distributed binaries...
>  > Would it be feasible to create a big zip-file that contains everything for
>  > gimp for download?
> It would be possible, but wouldn't such a zipfile just create open up
> the possibility for even more confusion when there would then be yet
> another distribution of these libs? (A long time ago I *did*
> distribute self-built jpeg, tiff, zlib and whatnot, but stopped doing
> that as there were other distributions, too, that were just as good,
> or even more directly from the source, like zlib.)

Since you've found these better sources, I know it'd be a pain, but
could you include links to them somewhere?  That way, we can use the
same DLLs built that you do.  (I'm presuming you don't already; if you
do, my apologies.)

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