On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 03:15:52PM +0200, Helmut Jarausch wrote:
> I've noticed that some ScriptFu scripts run just fine under 2.2.x but
> produce error messages under 2.3.5 (CVS)
> Is there a summary of API changes, possibly with hints for upgrading?
i don't think that any of the .scm that comes with the gimp source are 
broken.  i fixed problems with the scripts that come with gimp-perl
(some of the problems).  it should be easy stuff and stuff that makes
sense, like extra parameters have been added to some of the blur
plug-ins and transformation tools.

i don't know if it is the case of all lispish things, but if you are
good with handline .scm, you should also be handy with finding what
changed on your own.  i say that because one of the reasons i do not
author .scm files for gimp is because of how poorly it reports back its
problems.  gimp-perl and pygimp both were fairly verbose in explaining
what was broken and the reason for the brokeness.

i would be interested to know which scripts are broken.  if it is
scripts that come with gimp, then they should be fixed.

how do you find where the mistakes are when you write them?  looking at
the ChangeLogs for both gimp and gimp-tiny-fu would be where i would
start to look.


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