Hi, my name is Marco Marega, and I'm trying to help with his work
the official italian translator Marco Ciampa.

I've noticed that in the View menu there is a submenu Zoom which contains
the items Fit Image in Window and Fit Image to Window.
I think that these two items are logicaly more closer to the items Shrink Warp
and Fullscreen, which are outside this submenu, than to the other items in the
zoom menu.
I think that it should be better to group them.

Still talking about Fit Image in Window and Fit Image to Window, I can tell
that reading the menu I can't really figure out what's the difference
between them.
By using them I know that both of them make the image fit to the window, but
the calculation that the 1st one makes uses as base to the longest side of the
image and the 2nd one uses the shortest side.

I guess that it wuold be a good thing to change a little the behaviour of these
two functions and call them Fit Width and Fit Height. In this way anything will
be lost, and the menus will be clearer.
Optionally it should be mantained the 1st of the 2 functions Fit Image in 

Please excuse me for the bad english. I hope that my exposition is clear enough.

Thanks and bye.


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