Craig M. Houck wrote:

> I get this set of error messages and cannot find anything when goggling.
> [...]

It looks like something in one of the include files on your system
is #define'ing the string "GrayScale".  This is causing a problem
with the following code from gifload.c:

static struct
  unsigned int Width;
  unsigned int Height;
  CMap ColorMap;
  unsigned int BitPixel;
  unsigned int ColorResolution;
  unsigned int Background;
  unsigned int AspectRatio;
  int GrayScale;
} GifScreen;

When it reaches the line "   int Grayscale", the compiler is saying, 
hey, you're trying to declare a number as "int", and freaking out.

These are the sorts of things that happen when you try to build everything
by hand.

  -- Bill


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