Thanks for the replies, really charming =). I got myself to gtk developer manuals, the one written by havoc pannington ( and the one in the gtk webpage. My interest in learning gtk is to apply it to gimp, understand how the interface works and connects to the internal process and be able to change it if necessary (like adding a new option to a plug-in for example).
    At the same time I'm going to be reading a classic book I found in my college's library, "computer graphics: principles and practices" by Foley and Van Dam. Old stuff but basics are always applicable. I know I can find figure out the "how things work" looking into the gimp code, but want to get the basics in my head meanwhile I start. If anybody knows a better book out there for this purpose let me know please. I saw one written by Sun but didn't seam so complete as the other.

pd: not d33p anymore in the irc channel but luis (or similar since luis seams to be taken)

On 10/26/05, Jeremy White <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hah! Well, same story for me, actually. I've been just going through the code over and over again, seeing something I didn't notice before, taking an hour of research here and there. It's a slow process, but when you get how some stuff works, it really wows you. The code is surprisingly easy to read once you get the system down of how it's made. One thing I decided to do was look at some of the way earlier code for gimp when I didn't get how something ties in with the rest. I still haven't really done much with the older gimp code yet, so I don't know how much it really helps with understanding, but you could try that as well. Then again, if all you want to learn is GTK, I can't help you there as I've mostly just been studying the graphics tools in gimp right now. I'm starting to get in to that, though. Tell me if you find any really good stuff for helping to understand and debug gimp more. I for one have a hard time asking the right questions on the irc list because I'm starting out so far behind.

Stick to it... it doesn't look impossible for me, so I'm sure you'll do fine.

Oh, and your english is fine. ;-)


On 10/25/05, Leon Brooks <[EMAIL PROTECTED] > wrote:
On Wednesday 26 October 2005 05:36, Luis de Bethencourt wrote:
> Obviously any advice and help will be welcomed.

I don't have much advice for you up front, but I do have a welcome.
Thanks for committing to chip in and make this corner of the world a
better place!

> pd: sorry for my horrible english, english is my second language
> after spanish

Hah! If you think you've got problems with English, try my Spanish one
day. (-:

Cheers; Leon

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