Luis de Bethencourt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>    I got myself to gtk developer manuals, the one written by havoc
>    pannington (http://developer.gnome.org/doc/GGAD/) and the one in
>    the gtk webpage.

The book you are referring to deals with the GTK+ 1.2 API which is not
100% compatible to GTK+ 2.x. I would not recommend it any longer. The
online GTK+ tutorial is reasonably well maintained though and should
get you further. But the best way to learn GTK+ is to read code.

>        At the same time I'm going to be reading a classic book I
>    found in my college's library, "computer graphics: principles and
>    practices" by Foley and Van Dam. Old stuff but basics are always
>    applicable.

"Foley, van Dam, ..." is a very good book that I can recommend. Large
parts of it don't have much relevance for GIMP though.

>    looking into the gimp code, but want to get the basics in my head
>    meanwhile I start. If anybody knows a better book out there for
>    this purpose let me know please.

It really depends on what you are interested in. There are some good
books on image manipulation algorithms such as the one from Gonzalez
and Woods. But you can spend years hacking on GIMP w/o having any clue
on image manipulation algorithms.

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