Yavala writes:
 > Can someone help me with the simple plug-in (hello message
 > box)http://developer.gimp.org/writing-a-plug-in/1/index.html?

Well, the most obvious error is that there is no initial '#' character
on the line where you try to include libgimp/gimp.h. (Have you never
programmed in C before?) It should look like this:

#include "libgimp/gimp.h"

You also need to have the PLUG_IN_INFO array and MAIN(). Add the
following to the bottom of the source file:

GimpPlugInInfo PLUG_IN_INFO =
  NULL,  /* init_proc  */
  NULL,  /* quit_proc  */
  query, /* query_proc */
  run,   /* run_proc   */


The menu path to the plug-in that is passed to
gimp_install_procedure() needs to start with <Image>. Change it as

          gimp_install_procedure (
            "Hello, world!",
            "Displays \"Hello, world!\" in a dialog",
            "David Neary",
            "Copyright David Neary",
            "<Image>/Filters/Misc/Hello world...",
            "RGB*, GRAY*",
            G_N_ELEMENTS (args), 0,
            args, NULL);

With these changes your plug-in compiles and works fine with GIMP 2.2.


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