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> So I was told to see the GEGL info.
> That website (gegl.org) drastically needs a FAQ.
> Perhaps someone can answer these questions for me:
> 1. Is GEGL made to replace a certain core piece of
> GIMP or is it made to reroute data somehow?
> 2. Why is it not part of the GIMP core currently?
> 3. Is it activelly being worked on? Is its mailing
> list still used?
> 4. It appears to just be an API. Why would using this
> be better than changing the current GIMP core to
> support 16bit channels directly? Or are we planning to
> do just that and just use the GEGL API data structures
> and constructs?
> 5. How close is the GEGL code to usable?
> 6. Will it even work with the current GIMP codebase?

If memory serves me right, 8-bit support is pretty mostly hard-coded
(or something akin to that) in the current GIMP base, unfortunately. 
Past talk of adding 16-bit support has sounded as though it requires a
major revamping of even core underlying systems that comprise GIMP
(sounds like a re-write, almost, even).  GEGL (Generic Graphical
Library) apparently has something to do with the new-fangled
underlying framework for such a project. But I have no idea on the
subject, I'm just trying to recall what others have said on this list
from memory.

> 7. Has anyone worked on a merge plan for combining
> GEGL work with the current GIMP codebase?

I believe it's planned for some future release somewhere, but has been
continually put off due to a lack of manpower.  Or something of that
sort.  That said, I'm myself wondering whether a 16-bit capable gimp
requires a fork, and if so, how much support that fork would get.
Should you go forward with this (and I hope you do, as many have been
asking for this), then I do wish you good luck, and hope that it comes
out quite well.

Because I haven't been following development long enough (I'm afraid),
someone else probably has a lot of details to add that I may have

~Mike C
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