On 10/31/05, Brannon King <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> That website (gegl.org) drastically needs a FAQ.

I'd also search the gimp-developer archives, there have been a lot of
posts here about it.

> 1. Is GEGL made to replace a certain core piece of
> GIMP or is it made to reroute data somehow?

It's a general, and very ambitious, image processing library that is
supposed to provide the core image handling system for the next GIMP.
Progress stopped for a long time because of lack of personpower
(perhaps a problem with an ambitious project), but I understand it's
now being heavily worked on again.

> 4. It appears to just be an API. Why would using this
> be better than changing the current GIMP core to
> support 16bit channels directly? Or are we planning to
> do just that and just use the GEGL API data structures
> and constructs?

No, it's an implementation as well. Having a separate library is good
for maintenance, and breaking the UI and the processing apart makes it
possible to do fancier stuff, such as operation chaining and code
generation, which will take GIMP some way beyond photoshop (at least
in this respect).

(I'm not a gegl developer, just repeating what I've read here)

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