> Babl is a library to convert between different pixel
> representations
> (colorspaces and bitdepths). GEGL intends to be a
> complete image
> processing framework, that can do both compositing
> and filter effects
> (current Gimp plug-ins would probably have to be
> migrated to be GEGL
> Ops (plug-ins for GEGL) when they take the step up
> from 8bit).

So let me get this straight: Currently GIMP is a
complete image framework that handles both compositing
(I think that term refers to handling/merging the
image data formats) and filtering. Because the
filtering is so dependant upon the image composition,
there is no point in replacing only the compositing
layer because all the filters would have to be
rewritten anyway, or at least changed significantly.
Therefore the plan is to pull the filtering algorithms
from GIMP and reimplement them in and on top of GEGL,
toss the GIMP compositing, and replace both with GEGL
API calls. Is that correct? GEGL would end up looking
something like the ImageMagick API?
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