On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 09:19:26AM +0200, Shlomi Fish wrote:
> Secondly, you forgot my blog: 
> http://www.shlomifish.org/me/blogs/
it was so forgotten by me that i wonder if i even knew of its existence.
your web log has been added to the developers aggregation and also to
the gimp user aggregation.  first, added in a broken way, then that was
fixed.  your web log, no matter what it says will be displayed with the
others there.

perhaps you should review the following document:
the "other" developers (not limited to one operating system) all seem to
agree to the items mentioned under the heading "List Ettiquette".  this
document was not written by me and these requests were estabished long
before i got here.  the fact that i agree with it has little to do with
the existence of the ettiquette request nor the persistence of the ideas
listed there.

personally, i am glad to see that you would like to be included.


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