Thanks for the pointers, Seth.

Not sure whether I've gone about this the right way, but I've created a new function in text_tool.pdb that handles hinting and autohinting as extra arguments (by duplicating the existing text_fontname() as text_fontname_set_hinting() in text_tool.pdb and duplicating the text_render() function as text_render_set_hinting() in the app/text/gimptext-compat.h/c files).

It doesn't seem like the most elegent way of doing it, but it works for me!

I'd like to submit a patch to bugzilla of this and get some feedback, but I'm having a little trouble generating the patch file from the CVS in that I'm not sure how to clean the source before generating the patch, so that the automatically generated files are not included in the patch.

I presume it's something like 'make distclean' before I do:

cvs diff -up > /home/iain/patchfile.patch



On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, Seth Burgess wrote:

Hi Iain,

Thanks for using Gimp-Perl!

You'll need to add source to the gimp tree for this; I suggest submitting a
patch to the gimp bugzilla. Also, know that much of the PDB (not PDL, that's
the Perl Data Language) is partially-generated via perl scripts as part of
the build process; they're generated by <srctree>/tools/pdbgen, and the
resultant .c/.h files go into <srctree>/app/pdb

Things that don't disturb the current API are more likely to be readily
accepted, since they'll not break every script in existance; so something
along the lines of "gimp_text_fontname_set_hinting" or the like might be
appropriate here.

I've not looked at the code in question at all, but Sven is in charge of
things font-like in general so he might be able to point you at the right
code if its not obvious to you after looking for a bit.

Best Regards,

Seth Burgess
Gimp-Perl maintainer

On 11/9/05, Iain Kennedy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


I'm currently working on a perl project that uses <>(
2.0) to render
fonts. Using the gimp manually, I am able to turn hinting on and off (and
save this option in my tool options).

When I use gimp_text_fontname() to do this in perl, it appears that
font hinting is turned on by default, and there is no parameter to pass to
gimp_text_fontname to disable it. The PDL call also ignores the tool

I'm interested in adding this functionality to the PDL call if possible,
or at least figuring out how to disable hinting at some other level... are
there any design considerations/pointers about this before I start rooting
around in the code, or perhaps someone else is already working on the PDL
call and this could be added to the wishlist?

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