On Fri, 2005 Nov 25 10:34:01 +0800, Leon Brooks wrote:
> Please consider adding a "power" spinbox to the interface so that people 
> who _want_ sloppy-looking semi-realistic oil painting or super-sharp 
> surrealistic blobs can all have them.

Yes, users should ideally be able to frob that. The three FP multiplies 
would be replaced with a powf() call, which may or may not affect 
performance noticeably... if it does, then some kind of table look-up may 
be the answer.

> Hide it (and the algorithm checkbox) behind an "Advanced" button or
> ruled off in a separate area if you like

It's been _way_ too long since I've written GTK+ code :]  I could stuff in
an extra widget, but as far as rearranging things like that, there's no
way. Would anyone be willing to clean up a plug-in's newly expanded GUI?


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