So where do actually get the Windows version of gimptool?

Also, I'm interested in helping out with GIMP development (I'm a programmer and technical writer) but I'd prefer to work on the Windows version. I thought that a good way to start would be to develop a plugin.

I've been doing some reading and it seems that building the GIMP on Windows is very difficult. This is offputting for newbies like myself with a limited amount of time. I'd rather spend by time looking at the code/fixing bugs etc. rather than trying to the thing to build. Having said that, I haven't given up yet :-)



Nathan Summers wrote:
On 12/9/05, Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On Fri, Dec 09, 2005 at 08:12:01PM +0000, Chris Share wrote:

I forgot to mention I'm working on Windows.

i don't think that you get one then.

There is a gimptool for windows.  If you don't build gimp yourself, it
might be available in the hard-to-find gimp development package for

gimptool only provides the information about where the files are on your
computer.  i think (and they reminded me of this on the irc today) that
being able to use a Makefile would eliminate the need for gimptool.

This is true.  Gimptool is only a convenience.  But if you are going
to develop on windows, you definately need msys, a bunch of developer
packages for gtk, gettext, etc, and the gimp developer package.


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