On Sunday 11 December 2005 07:56 pm, Chris Share wrote:
> That would be very helpful for newbies like me.
> Cheers,
> Chris

Maybe you'd find it more easy to make the move once for all.

A GNU/Linux desktop is developer friendly, besides being user 

There are a handfull of choices you could try not even having to 
perform a hard drive install (although you hardly could get to build 
GIMP one withtout installing things to hardware.

But it certainly will be much easier to build the GIMP and plug-ins in 
a freshly installed GNU/Linux than hunt for all dependencies and 
workarounds needed under windows.

You could try getting yourself a UBUNTU CD, for example (you can order 
then for free at shipit.ubuntu.org, but there would be faster ways 
for you to get then), or some other distribution that you could get a  
nearby friend to help you with. Most distributions are downloadable 
for free at all.

Sorry if this seems O.T. but I am really interested in heling you, and 
I do not think that holding back to windows is a good way to start.

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