On 12/11/05, Chris Share <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to setup my Windows build environment.
> I've tried using the GetMinGWBat.bat file however there's a problem with
> one of the files: wget cannot be found.
> I've had a look at the .bat file and I think the problem is that it
> searches for the file at sunsite.dk however this site has moved.
> The .bat file contains the following:
> echo> getwget.tmp open sunsite.dk
> echo>>getwget.tmp binary
> echo>>getwget.tmp get /pub/projects/wget/windows/wget-complete-stable.zip
> echo>>getwget.tmp close
> echo>>getwget.tmp quit
> Any idea what I should change this to to make it work.


This site works perfectly fine for me.

In any case, you can manually download
and save it in the same folder, and then get rid of the lines that
access FTP and hope it works.

However, the MOTD explicitly states that there is a "Max Load Limit of
30" (whatever that means) so "If this limit is exceeded downloads will
be disallowed.".

You should try again later, or try installing MinGW manually (just
make sure you get everything specified in the .bat file so your thing
doesn't break).

The other possiblity is that sunsite.dk may be blocked for you from
upstream.  (Read: proxy server, firewall, filtering squid proxy, etc.)
 If that's the case, then I don't know how you'd circumvent that (or
if it's even a good idea).

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