Hi I am wondering if someone can point me to the location in the source code that deals with the main image display / scrolling.

I am creating an image viewer that needs to load very large images of say 6000x6000 pixels and the Gimp is able to scroll these images perfectly, and I am trying to understand how.

My code and GtkImageViewer becomes jerky and slow when scrolling these large images. Currently I have a large buffer in which I copy sections into, as the user moves to a section not in the buffer I the stretch new image data into this buffer.
Finally I bitbly this buffer onto the window.
But when I need to refill this buffer the jerky / slow response is still present.

I can only assume The gimp does something quite clever to solve this. If anyone knows the technique used or could point me to the section of the code that does this I would be very grateful.

Thanks a lot


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