This message is for Blender users and for Gimp users/developers.

When we paint an imagem we paint only one layer each time.

But if you know the 3D softwares we have a lot of textures that have more than one layer.

This 3D textures have two or more layers that need to paint at the same time.

see this good exemple:

The artists have a lot of work when they need to do this. But I belive that it can be more simple.

The textures or "map" have for exemple: color, specular, bump, normal, etc...

Think in a wall.

In 3D software you have for exemple two layers to paint.

The first layer you have the color of the wall.

In the second layer you have the bum map of the wall.

The bump map is the gray scale image that inform to the 3D software what part of the brick is down and what part of the brick is up.

If you need to paint a wall you need to paint at the same time this two layers.


It's easy if you think in a simple wall.

But if you need to paint a reptile texture to put in 3D model.

The reptiles has a lot of kind of skins.

You can find a maps of textures in the web but you need to paint your model painting all the layes together.

See this site of free textures.

This example texture have two layes.

This other site have 3 "layers" textures:

We need to paint the 3 layers at the same time.

The Deep Painter 3D already makes this right-hander in all the layers.

But besides being a total commercial software it has a format proprietor to store multiplas layers of texture of the object and he does not have none plugin to blender.

And I believe that never it goes to have.

I belive that this is the most important feature that 3D workers need to use the GIMP.

I think in the "clone" tool to do this but I'm not a programer.

You need only "I belive" put a option that clone tool catch all the layers of texture image at the same time.

Answer me please.

Thank you.

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