On 12/22/05, miriam clinton (iriXx) wrote:
> >This is just photogtaphy, not even nu. Nothing "too much", really
> That does not mean that it is pleasant to have to look at.
> If you want to get your kicks out of pornography, kindly keep it to your
> bedroom. Consider the other participants on this list - I know I am not
> the only woman here.
> I could give you several other reasons why 'not even nu' photography is
> damaging to both men and women in society and to a woman's self-image.
> But this is not the place for an essay on anorexia nervosa and the moral
> decay of society.

Miriam, I'm not in a mood to argue about thresholds of sensitivity,
especially when it comes to portrait photography.

If you are not the only woman in this list, then I'd like to hear from
others, possibly offlist, because I would like to encourage
development of GIMP, not development of flamewars. Until then I will
have to live with the fact that you are trying to talk for people who
haven't granted you the right to do so ;)

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