On 12/28/05, Carol Spears wrote:

> you know what?  i love pixel art.  the soft edges and the blotchy
> reality of real life.  sure, i am glad that gimp can stroke paths nicely
> now.  but what about the pixel?  vector art will make such clean edges
> on everyones computer that the real world will become so disappointing.
> all for what?  scalibilty and cleanliness?  crap.  fonts gone wild.

Carol, I have no strong preferences of vectors over pixels and the
other way round. I'm talking about options ;-)

> does the create group want some space on the gimp planet, btw?

Sure, why not?

> i was
> sorry when i saw all of the self linking going on there.  it is like a
> perfect circle made in points on the computer....

Self linking? What self linking? :))

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