while I am writing these lines, the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress
(http://events.ccc.de/congress/2005/) is coming to an end. We have had
a nice GIMP corner setup here and over the last days we have been busy
hacking on GIMP and other things. We also managed to roll out two new
GIMP releases:

GIMP 2.2.10 is a bug-fix release in the stable GIMP 2.2 series. Here's
the list of bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.10:

  - fixed build error on Sun C compiler (bug #319811)
  - fixed issue with Guides scripts (bug #320933)
  - corrected selection display problem (bug #319029)
  - fixed potential wget issue (bug #322977)
  - fixed non-interactive use of gimp-edit-stroke (bug #323778)
  - fixed Script-Fu crash in some locales such as Chinese (bug #163212)
  - fixed build of librsvg plug-in (bug #314400)
  - fixed parameter type in "plug-in-unsharp-mask" procedure (bug #325007).

This release also features a special splash screen to celebrate GIMP's
10th anniversary. More details on the splash screen contest can be
found at http://gimp.org/contest/.

GIMP 2.3.6 is a development snapshot on the way to GIMP 2.4. Changes
since the 2.3.5 release include:

  - even faster application startup
  - binary relocatibility on Linux by means of binreloc
  - be more verbose when being asked for it
  - select color index when picking from an indexed drawable
  - allow to migrate windows between displays
  - mouse-wheel scrolling and zooming in plug-in previews
  - added keyboard shortcuts ([ and ]) for changing the brush radius
  - improved Oilify plug-in
  - made the IWarp plug-in preview resizeable
  - added alignment mode for cloning from a fixed location source
  - completed core/ui separation of paint tools and paint methods
  - bug fixes and code cleanup

The source code for both releases is available from the ususal places
(http://gimp.org/downloads#mirrors) . Binary packages should become
available soon (or are already available). If you want to try the
development snapshot, please make sure you have read the release notes

Happy GIMPing, Sven
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