Hello, Everyone
I honestly looked as closely at the output while I compiled a fresh
copy of Gimp from CVS, as well as the output from the terminal that I
started Gimp from:
and I saw nothing that my relatively limited abilities could pick out
as a potential starting point for clearing up this problem.
For contrast, here is what it looks like when I start gimp 2.3.6
(compiled from the release tarball):

Further, before I typed this email, I ran "make uninstall" in the gimp
from CVS directory, grabbed a fresh copy, re-compiled and ran "make
install". Still, same issue.

The problem is, almost all of the image types that Gimp from CVS opened
up earlier today (before my latest update from CVS) are gone.  I
discovered this when I attempted to open up a JPEG image.  Here is a
screen shot of the file selector dialog to show the lack of image types:

Here is a screen shot of the file selector from Gimp 2.0.5:

Also, here is a screen shot of the file selector from Gimp 2.2.10:

Here are links to the entire output of all of the commands involved in
compiling and installing Gimp:

Just noticed something else.  It is probably related to the above
mentioned issue.
Here you will notice by comparing the following two screenshots:
that Gimp compiled from CVS lacks the choice to Acquire Screenshot.

Here you will notice by comparing these two screenshots, that the Xtns
menu in Gimp compiled from CVS is almost empty.  Further, one of the
two entries on the Xtns menu from Gimp from CVS is not even on the Xtns
menu compiled from the 2.3.6 tarball:

If you would like me to re-compile, re-install Any version of the Gimp
and send you links to the output, I would be glad to.
I am assuming that this is an issue that is confined to Fedora Core 3
(I hope not just to me :))  Also, if this is a known issue, I do
apologize.  I am subscribed to this list, and I've seen nothing about
this.  I also found nothing on your bugzilla.

Well, that's all that I have on this for now.

Steven P. Ulrick
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