I'm pleased to announce that version 1.11.1 of LPROF is now available.  LPROF 
is an open source application that will create ICC profiles for use with 
other applications such as Scribus, CinePaint, Krita, UFRAW and the 
development version of GIMP. This is the second development snap shot of the 
work that has been underway since LPROF became a SourceForge project.  Please 
see  the LPROF SourceForge web pages http://sourceforge.net/projects/lprof for 

This is a development snap shot of what will become version 1.12 when it is 
stable.  Although testing by the development team indicates that this snap 
shot appears to be stable it is a development release and as such it should 
not considered to be a stable release.  It has not been extensively tested 
and may have significant unknown bugs.  This is being made available so that 
users can test the new release and report problems and make suggestions for 

Changes since 1.11.0

Much improved SCons build scripts.  These improvements include:

1. A number of command line switches have been added that give users more 
control over the build process.  See the README file for details.

2. On some systems QT was not correctly detected by the 1.11.0 scons build 
scripts.  The new scons build scripts should correct this and it should now 
build on most Linux systems and possibly netBSD and freeBSD systems.

There were also some minor changes to the user interface to facilitate 
functionality to be added later . 
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