On Monday 16 January 2006 12:10 pm, Emanuele Zattin wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> my name is Emanuele Zattin and i'm developing a plug-in
> implementing a texture synthesis algorithm described in a paper
> ("Texture Synthesis by Non-parametric sampling" by Efros and
> Leung).
> Here attached you can  see my actual implementation which works on
> grayscale images. It is anyway VERY slow, which was anyway
> predictable judging from the complexity of the algorithm.
> I was wondering if translating it to C would make it much faster or
> if there are some more speedup techniques i'm just missing.
> Thank you very much!!
> Emanuele Zattin

Hi Emanuele,

The default way for accessing pixels from python plug-ins is slow.
I started researching a faster way a while back, but halted. i think 
it is important.
I don't have teh time now to check if this is the problem in your 
cscrpit, but from my previous experience, it is rather likely. 

I will take a look at it later, and suggest another way to manipulate 
the pixels if possible (or if not possible, seeing what can be done 
on the gimp-python bindings themselves).

Either way, since you already use Numeric, going to C won't be 
necessary (unless I fail to do all of the above).

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