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Only that the change log only lists PNG as having the ability to load and save embedded profiles. Since the display filters don't use the embedded profiles users have no way to know what it working and what is not with regard to embedded profiles. So I only have the change log to go by which only lists PGN files and not TIFF or JPEG as being able to read and write embedded profiles.

I believe the TIFF (and JPEG?) loaders have been loading and saving embedded profiles as parasites for some time. They've just been ignored in all other regards.

The display filter is probably the most difficult part of this to implement and it is close as it only needs to start accessing the embedded profiles.

The filter itself is relatively trivial - the existing proof filter needs only minimal changes to do the job.

What will be trickier is developing profile- and transform-caching strategies.

The display filter is effectively log-jammed, however, until it becomes possible to fetch a reference to the image from within the filter.

That's left to the print plug-ins but shouldn't be hard to add.

Indeed. Once there's an infrastructure for plugins to query the GIMP for the profiles to be used for a particular task, the rest becomes relatively trivial.

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