Joël-Alexis Bialkiewicz ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> My primary hypothesis is that gimp gives the full image (or a square portion
> of it including all selections) when you call gimp_drawable_mask_bounds, and
> that when you write your results using gimp_drawable_update, it just updates
> the selected portion of this square.
> There come my questions :
> A) Have I figuret it correctly?
> B) If not, how does it really work?
> C) Is there a way to force writing outside the selection?
> D) Is there a way to know if a given coordinate is selected or not?

The selection gets respected when you're using shadow tiles and use
gimp_drawable_merge_shadow. You can ignore the selection by not using
shadow tiles IIRC, I am at the moment not sure how this would affect the
undo system if you don't use shadow tiles.

Hope this helps a bit,

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